Washington’s Birthday Seed Celebration

February 22, 2013

Here we go again!  Twenty-four of the remaining seeds in Granny’s glass container went into a water bath last night and I carefully removed them and dried them on a paper towel today.  Twenty-four soil-filled cells were labeled and prepared for the tiny treasures and they are now tucked into the “birthing chamber” to await germination.

Perhaps it is my imagination, but I honestly think there is a surging force inside these seeds that I can feel when I touch them.  After soaking, the seeds seem to swell with a living, breathing drive and I fervently hope they will germinate and live to produce their own fruit.  I can’t wait to see what fruit produces on these plants, if I should be so fortunate to be able to grow my Granny’s tomatoes.

Seed potatoes have been delivered to our home and I can’t wait to cut them into planting chunks and place them in prepared rows.  Heart & Sole Gardens has produced twenty different varieties of potatoes during the past several years, but this year, we will only grow our favorite six types.  Purple Vikings are a favorite because they have a beautiful mottled pink and purple skin, white flesh and creamy texture that makes them a perfect choice for baking or mashing.  Red Thumbs are a pink-fleshed, red-skinned fingerling variety that produces abundantly and is beautiful when included in a potato salad.  Mountain Rose potatoes are a deep-red-skinned, red-fleshed type that are delicious roasted.  French fingerlings are an early fingerling that has a pretty pink stripe inside and a rose-colored skin.  Purple Majesty potatoes have a deep purple skin and flesh and an earthy flavor.  La Ratte fingerlings are a creamy potato with a light skin and flesh and are sublime in taste, whether roasted or mashed.

As I celebrate my Granny’s seeds being placed in soil, I also anticipate the season’s planting schedule.  Spring is just around the corner and I know physical work will be necessary, but I look forward to the soul-satisfying harvest to come.

Purple Potato Man!

Purple Potato Man!